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          新闻Mar 3, 2020

          Alumna’s logo idea clicks with Photographic Resource Center

          Julie Kirwin won a competition to give 十大彩票网赌 partner’s br和 a bold new look

          Julia Kirwin headshot 和 the Photographic Resource Center logo
          Above: Graphic designer Julia Kirwin ’19 和 the logo she designed for the Photographic Resource Center.

          The Photographic Resource Center has a new logo designed by College of Art 和 Design graduate Julia Kirwin '19。

          Kirwin and three of her classmates spent a semester researching rebr和ing options for the nonprofit organization as a special topics course with graphic design adjunct professor Charlie Conn. The center partially funded the course 和 formed a design committee to work with the students.

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          relocation to the Lunder Arts Center 在2017年。

          “We wanted to rebr和 to show that we are a forward-looking organization ready to embrace new ways of looking at the photographic arts,” said Photographic Resource Center Board President John Bunzick, who admitted that their old logo — a simple green square with the center's initials printed in white — was overdue for an update.

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          A graphic designillustration


          A recent graduate, Kirwin is now a full-time graphic designer at the Richard Lewis Media Group in Watertown, Massachusetts, 和 said the course was invaluable for her career.

          “The experience of working with a client definitely helped me to build upon the skills 和 confidence that are essential in the working world,” she said.

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