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          Fall 2020 Guidance
          In response to COVID-19, university courses and operations remain predominantly online for fall.
          lesley university lunder arts center

          Events & News

          十大彩票网赌 University announces plans for Fall 2020 

          Wednesday, Jul 15

          COVID-19 keeps classes and activities predominantly online, with a few exceptions 


          A Hub for Creativity

          At 十大彩票网赌, creativity is the starting point of everything we do. In fact, nearly half of all students and faculty are engaged in the arts.
          "At 十大彩票网赌, I learned different tools that enhanced my own practice. I was surrounded by educators who were just as passionate and enthusiastic. We all knew the work we were doing was going to have a great impact, and that was very powerful for me."
          Craig Martin ’07, Master of Education & Massachusetts Elementary Principal of the Year

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